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Cooking Bean Meatballs Other

Cooking Bean Meatballs Other Sienna is a sweet girl but when comes to eat beans she can be very stubborn. She does not like beans and her mother tried everything to make her like them. Being a loving mother she does not want to give up so easily, she wants to try a new bean recipe and hopes this one will be the one that Sienna enjoys. The recipe is bean meatballs with a yummy dressing next to it. Help Siennas mother make a delicious bean meatballs meal to impress Sienna with it. It is very easy to make, just follow her lead step by step. When are done place them on a plate and add the yummy yogurt, tomatoes salad. Enjoy!

Drunk Man Other

Drunk Man Other Drunk man fly

Baby Ada plays Ball Other

Baby Ada plays Ball Other Control the ball with your mouse.Walk farther to score more.If the ball hits the old man and the baby,or beyond the boundary,you will lose the game.

Make Chicken Cordon Bleu Other

Make Chicken Cordon Bleu Other Cook a filling chicken cordon bleu.

Fly Plane Other

Fly Plane Other See how far you can stay adrift in Fly Plane! Simple to play, but tricky to master, in Sky Plane you must try your best to stay within the boundaries of the screen, testing your accuracy and endurance as you try to collect as many red dots as you can before you lose control in this challenging skill game!

Spicy Stew Cooking Other

Spicy Stew Cooking Other Are you hungry? Make this new recipe with us. Today we are going to cook Spicy Stew. In this game you will learn how to cook in an easy way. Make sure you are ready to play this online cooking game and write down the recipe if you like it. Cook for your mother and show her that you are not just a spoiled kid. Everyone should see your cooking skills. Enjoy!

Big Apple Pie Other

Big Apple Pie Other It's time for cooking the biggest and the best apple pie! The Italian chief will teach you step by step how to make a delicious pie. Enjoy the dessert!

3D Stunt Pilot HD Other

3D Stunt Pilot HD Other Ever wished to fly a plane? Even better, ever wished to race one? We can\'t give you a plane, but 3D Stunt Pilot is certainly a great place to start! Race your plane through the courses in the fastest time possible. Use your mouse to move the plane and be sure to pass over the turbo boosters to break records!

Strawberry Cake Other

Strawberry Cake Other Learn how to cook this delicious cake in few easy steps, is easy to make and requires basic ingredients.\r\nIf you like strawberries this will be anytime a great dessert.\r\n\r\nIn this cooking games you will see how to cook this dessert in 3 steps, prepare the strawberries and cut them into few small slices.\r\nUsing eggs, sugar, and flour prepare the cake composition, put it uniform into the oven recipient. Drop the strawberries slices on the composition and leave all together in a hot oven for around 15 minutes.\r\n\r\nYour strawberry cake is ready. Enjoy this great cooking game for girls.

Spicy Chicken Plate Other

Spicy Chicken Plate Other Learn a spicy chicken recipe. Hot pepper sauce adds the spice to barbecued chicken in this packed-with-protein, quick-grilled dinner! Prepare and serve ! Enjoy the game!