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Ice cream Decoration Other

Ice cream Decoration Other Have fun! with a chance to decorate your favorite ice cream! You can choose topping and ice cream flavor to make your ice cream so yummy.

Amazing Room Other

Amazing Room Other Find Hidden Alphabets in the amazing room!

French Baguette Other

French Baguette Other Bread saved many people across the ages because it\'s simple to realize! You need salt, water, bread, yeast and then you must play the game to know how to prepare and make a great french baguette!

Amazing girl gobang Other

Amazing girl gobang Other Amazing and crazy girl gobang,a traditional checker-type game in which the lining up of five pieces in a straight line scores victory.

Makeup princesses Other

Makeup princesses Other Famous models waiting for makeover ideas from an expert. Will you be their
makeover expert? It requires skill and innovativeness. Display your makeup
skills by restyling their looks

Horse riding Other

Horse riding Other So much time passed by, but I still don\'t feel like myself. I try to stay positive. Today, I remembered how I used to enjoy horse riding and decided to spend all day outside. My horse, Molly was very excited to see me. She ran faster than the wind, and I felt happy again.

The Banana Test Other

The Banana Test Other Here's an interesting personality quiz - find out what kind of person you are.

Baby Piggy Care Other

Baby Piggy Care Other Sarah has now expanded the family\'s farm and she now takes care of baby pigs. Basically pigs need the same care as the horses except maybe the shower !! Do your best to provide the best care that pigs deserve!

Cooking Crab Recipe Other

Cooking Crab Recipe Other Would you like to learn a new crab recipe? The masters say that crabs are best cooked immediately after killing, so ask the fishmonger to kill the crab, then take it home and cook as soon as possible. You have the entire recipe here so all you have to do is to follow this easy steps. This seafood recipe is easy to make and your family will be thrilled by it. Enjoy!

Make Chicken Cordon Bleu Other

Make Chicken Cordon Bleu Other Cook a filling chicken cordon bleu.