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I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams.

The sum is, that the worship of God must be spiritual, in order that it may correspond with His nature. For although Moses only speaks of idolatry, yet there is no doubt but that by synecdoche, as in all the rest of the law, he condemns all fictitious services which men in their ingenuity have invented.

Christ is not valued at all unless He is valued above all.

Let us go singing as far as we go the road will be less tedious.

People who make history know nothing about history. You can see that in the sort of history they make.

Defining and analyzing humor is a pastime of humorless people.

Do not judge men by mere appearances for the light laughter that bubbles on the lip often mantles over the depths of sadness, and the serious look may be the sober veil that covers a divine peace and joy.

The world's as ugly as sin, and almost as delightful

Wisdom stands at the turn in the road and calls upon us publicly, but we consider it false and despise its adherents.

Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.