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Random Facts

According to scientific studies, a rat's performance in a maze can be improved by playing music written by Mozart.

Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in gas masks.

The best time for a person to buy shoes is in the afternoon. This is because the foot tends to swell a bit around this time.

Despite the hump, a camel's spine is straight.

Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, blondes to brunettes.

Sandra Bullock is allergic to horses!

In Haiti, only 1 out of every 200 people own a car.

Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women!

Dogs can hear sounds that you cant!

Albert Einstien never wore any socks.

Apples are more efficient than caffeine in keeping people awake in the morning.

Apple seeds are poisonous!

Farmers in England are required by law to provide their pigs with toys!

Even Antarctica has an area code. It’s 672.

If a Lobster loses an eye, it will grow another one.

Domestic cats hate lemons or other citrus scents.

Clinophobia is the fear of beds!

The most popular Campbell's Soup in Hong Kong is watercress and duck gizzard.

There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos.

The odds of getting a hole-in-one in golf are estimated at about 18,000-to-1.