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Random Facts

Itís a common practice in southern India for a man to marry his elder sisterís daughter.

Sales of Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, and Tums jump 20% in December "

Gloucestershire airport in England used to blast Tina Turner songs on the runways to scare birds away.

It takes a drop of ocean water more than 1,000 years to circulate around the world.

The oil used by jewelers to lubricate clocks and watches costs about $3,000 a gallon.

The U.S. eastern seaboard consumes almost 50% of all ice cream sandwiches.

There are no rental cars in Bermuda.

A small airplane can fly backwards.

The first hard drive available for the Apple II had a capacity of only 5 megabytes.

About twenty-five percent of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

More than half the population of Kenya is under the age of 15.

In Haiti, only 1 out of every 200 people own a car.

The oldest patented company logo is the red triangle of Bass beers!

To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs. It will let you go instantly.

Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down.

New York's Central Park is nearly twice the size of the entire country of Monaco.

Mexico City is built on top of an underground resevoir!

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

Rats can tell the difference between two human languages.

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.