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One ragweed plant can release as many as one billion grains of pollen!

In some parts of England, rum is used to wash a baby's head for good luck.

Cellophane is not made of plastic. It is made from a plant fiber, cellulose, which has been shredded and aged.

Crushed cockroaches can be applied to a stinging wound to help relieve the pain.

Al Capone died in prison from syphillis - despite being the first sufferer to be treated with antibiotics!

Some toothpastes and deodorants contain the same chemicals found in antifreeze.

For people that are lactose intolerant, chocolate aids in helping milk digest easier.

People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.

The Earth gets heavier each day by tons, as meteoric dust settles on it.

Rats can't vomit, that's why rat poison works.

It's against the law to pawn your dentures in Las Vegas.

The average American/Canadian will eat about 11.9 pounds of cereal per year!

'Formicophilia' is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals.

Most cell phone antennas have no purpose other than to make people believe that flipping up a 2 inch antenna just gave them better reception. They are not connected to any circuitry.

Actor Val Kilmer grew up on Roy Rogers' ranch.

A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court!

Approximately 115 tons of ocean salt spray enters the earth's atmosphere each second.

London's Pall Mall became the first street lit by gaslight in 1807!

The higher the income, the more likely an American man will cheat on his wife.

Jennifer Aniston's original name is Jennifer Anastassakis!